We’ve all been desperate to see our favourite artists live in concert before but calling in a fake bomb threat is definitely a bit much. A man was arrested this weekend for doing just that after he made a bomb threat in an effort to advance ahead of the queue at a Doja Cat concert in Indianapolis on Saturday, January 8th.

The hip hop star was performing alongside indie pop trio AJR ahead of the College Football Playoff National Championship. As the event was completely free, demand to attend was understandably big. When police briefly cleared the crowd in line just before the gates opened, that’s when one fan got desperate.

“A fan wanted to advance in line so he exercised very poor judgment and told those around him in line he had a bomb in his backpack,” Joshua Barker, deputy chief for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), informed the Indianapolis Star. “Someone did the right thing and alerted IMPD. The backpack was clean.”

How did he ever think that would work? All that he achieved was delaying the first-come, first-served concert by about 20 minutes, before it continued as normal. “Nearby witnesses told police the individual said he had an explosive on him,” the department wrote in a statement issued on Twitter. “IMPD officers responded, searched his bag and did not find an explosive.”

The police haven’t revealed the identity of the man in custody. The investigation surrounding the incident remains ongoing, according to the IMPD. “The man had unrelated outstanding warrants and was immediately arrested for those,” they added in their statement, which probably explains a lot.

At the time of writing, neither Doja Cat nor AJR have commented on the incident.

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Check out ‘Woman’ by Doja Cat:

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