CONTENT WARNING: This story about Peach PRC and Alex Williamson discusses alleged abuse.

Update: Alex Williamson has since been dropped by his management. 

Last night, musician and TikTok star Peach PRC took to social media to accuse comedian Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson of “abusive” and “predatory” behaviour.

“I’m not the kind of person to do this ever but I will not be able to sleep at night or forgive myself if I don’t come out and warn people about this man,” Peach PRC wrote in a notes statement shared to Twitter.”

“He is abusive, manipulative and predatory and has done absolutely vile things to not only myself but others who I won’t mention for their privacy,” the statement continued. Peach PRC went on to accuse Alex Williamson of “grooming and abusing young vulnerable women and girls.”

“[How] many times do we have to be shown his derogatory behaviour to women?,” she continued.

“He is literally TELLING you what he’s doing and disguising it as ‘dark humour’ this man is sick. He needs to be de-platformed at the very LEAST. I am not scared of you Alex. Your empty threats are pathetic and I won’t be silenced anymore.”

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Alex Williamson took to Instagram stories to share a number of videos, denying Peach’s claims of abuse, claiming that they are “horse shit”.

“This is hilarious, this is her [Peach PRC] second attempt to de-platform me,” Williamson said. “She threatened some vague sexual assault on TikTok — instead of going to police — she threw them out on TikTok about eight months ago. Simply because she was jealous of me.”

He continued, “She put out those accusations and then she deleted them when they didn’t hit the audience she wanted them to.”

“I’ve never laid a finger of these girls. Someone said she posted a photo looking like someone hit her. I’ve never laid a finger on her, I’ll get a lawyer involved if that’s what she’s really said.

“I don’t know what the abuse is. I don’t know what the predatory behaviour is. They both threw themselves at me. I’m confused as to where the predatory things are coming from.”

Williamson went on to say argue, “I was 29 at the time. What’s the problem in trying to find a 19-year-old?”

Peach later took to Twitter to thank fans that have reached out in support of her, writing, “thank u all so much for the overwhelming love and support, i’m extending that love to the girls who aren’t ready to speak out yet on ur behalf and mine.

“I was so prepared for backlash and still am bc it won’t be the first time he has lied about me publicly but i know i have u all”

She also alleges to have recieved “a heartbreaking amount of dms from girls sharing their stories and i will keep them confidential but i won’t stay quiet.”

This story is developing… 

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