Gold Coast songwriter Amy Shark is facing serious criticism for posting a TikTok video that allegedly plays on racist stereotypes.  

In a since-deleted tweet, comedian Nina Oyama posted a recording of the TikTok video. She also offered this measured comment alongside: “Don’t forget to check on ur white friends in isolation to make sure they aren’t doing stupid bullshit like this.”

The clip sees Shark exploiting Asian stereotypes to the soundtrack of a common (and ill-advised) TikTok dub. Oyama – who’s half Japanese – followed up with another tweet encouraging people to respond to Shark in the name of education rather than evisceration.

“Don’t cancel amy shark just get her to delete it and maybe explain to her why it’s bad,” she wrote. “The sound is a popular tiktok dub, which ripped off a racist stand up routine from 10 years ago.”

She also commented, with patent incredulity, “where is Amy Sharks social media manager !!!” Plenty of Twitter users were quick back up Oyama’s accusation. “Mmmm very racist,” wrote one. “Fucking yiiiiikessss,” said another.

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All of Oyama’s relevant tweets (including the one featuring Shark’s TikTok) have since been deleted.

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