Australia’s queen of indie-pop Amy Shark challenged radio duo Fitzy and Wippa to a rap battle and boy, was it glorious. 

Proving that she’s got the bars to match her angelic voice, Shark‘s rap had us questioning why she hasn’t released a hip hop track yet.

It was Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald who kicked off the battle, by promising the content would “get dark” due to him “[euthanising] Australia’s favourite shark.”

“I don’t like to gloat but the shark is going down, I’m going to need a bigger boat,” he continued.

“Like Eminem said, ‘you only get one shot’, your popularity’s rising more than your top knot,” he added, throwing Shark an unexpected compliment.

Unfortunately for Fitzy, Shark‘s verse wasn’t as kind, and she instead opted to savagely roast both him and Wippa.

She began by referring to her friends in high places, rapping: “you can’t stop this shark from your verbal spearin’… because I’ll just call up my mate, ‘oh hey, Ed Sheeran!'”

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She continued on to reference Fitzy’s appearance on the 2004 season of Big Brother by suggesting he “got nude and quite obscene” and “did some unspeakable shit behind that shower screen”.

As if that wasn’t spicy enough, Shark then set her sights on Wippa, saying: “your hair seriously looks like a giant muffin, and when they X-rayed your skull they found nothin’”.

Shark topped it all off by poking fun at Wippa’s confusion over Aussie women in music, adding: “Fitzy knows who’s who in music so he can be forgiven, but Whippa’s got no idea, he still thinks I’m Missy Higgins”.

Unsurprisingly, Shark was ultimately declared victorious in the battle, and now we’re holding out until whenever she chooses to bust a rhyme again.

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Check out Amy Shark rap battling on Fitzy & Wippa: