Amy Shark has worked with a slew of A-List artists, including Ed Sheeran, Travis Barker and Keith Urban, while making her second album Cry Forever. With the album’s release a little over a month away, Shark has released some footage of her working alongside Sheeran in the third installment of FOREVER, AMY SHARK docuseries.

Speaking to the camera in an interview, Shark revealed that Sheeran made her feel relaxed almost instantly.

“It was actually really relaxing within minutes. We were just having a coffee, having a chat. He has like, I dunno, five million teas throughout the day,” Shark shared of working with the Grammy award winner.

Sheeran and Shark teamed up to co-write a song together, and she revealed that Sheeran was the one who came up with the idea behind  ‘Love Songs Ain’t for Us’.

“So I just remember him asking me if I write songs about my man and I was like, ‘Ed, that’s so beautiful.’ I’m like ‘yeah, I guess I do a little bit. But love songs aren’t really, they’re not like for us.’ And I just remember, within five minutes, he was just like, ‘well, I think that’s what we’ll do then.’

“And he just started singing ‘Love songs ain’t for us’ And we were in.”

Shark shared that the inspiration behind the song is the initial spark or ‘butterflies’ you feel when getting into a new relationship.

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“We both were talking about how funny it is at the start of a relationship where you’re so nervous and so insecure, and you admit little things to yourself, like, ‘I’ve got butterflies about this person’… Yeah, it’s great having that first butterfly thing, and some people are addicted to that, and they just keep wanting that. They’re addicted to those butterflies. I’m more addicted to eating the burrito and being comfortable with someone,” Shark explains.

“It was just fun talking to him about that… how fun is it when you find someone you connect with and you can grow with, and that becomes the fun. I think that’s a real strong point in the song.”

‘Love Songs Ain’t for Us’ has been a huge hit since its release on 19th, February, 2021 and is currently the most shazamed track in Australia right now.

Amy Shark shares screenshot of being the most shazamed song in Australia

In the episode Shark also discussed working with Keith Urban, who is a guest vocalist on the song. “I decided that I needed someone, it needed to be a real class act, you know? Just someone who is very well-respected and just a pro. I mean, Keith is all those things,” she said.

Amy Shark’s new album, Cry Forever, is slated to be released on April 20th, 2021.

Watch the full episode of FOREVER, AMY SHARK below: