In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone Australia, chart-topping indie-pop star Amy Shark has revealed why she doesn’t speak to her birth father.

In the long-form feature, released today, the now Sydney-based artist spoke about the themes on her just-released second album Cry Forever, the music industry machine, how she tackles angry cynics, and her birth father.

Rolling Stone Australia notes that Amy’s parents had her young. Her mum was 20 and her dad just 19. Now separated, she’s lived with them both in the past; even moving to Canada to be with her dad for a time.

However, the pair’s strained relationship began long before Amy Louise Billings became Amy Shark.

“I don’t speak to my birth father and that creeps in every now and then into my mind.” Amy telling Rolling Stone Australia. “Usually, I’ve got it pretty good where if you hurt me enough, I can put you in a box and you actually don’t bother me anymore. It’s kind of brutal.

“Like you’re just not there. Do whatever you want. It doesn’t hurt me anymore. […] You’re in that box. But with family, sometimes it does creep back and you’re like, why don’t you care? How did you not care?”

Amy revealed she hasn’t spoken to her birth father in 15 years, with the exception of a few “pretty colourful emails”.

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Stream Amy Shark’s new album Cry Forever:

Amy’s relationship with her birth father shows up on Cry Forever, in songs like “Amy Shark” and “You’ll Never Meet Anyone Like Me Again”.

“Don’t start now I’ve done all the years of hard work/ Don’t start taking over / And asking for favours / Please just don’t start now that I’m Amy Shark,” she sings on the song “Amy Shark”.

Check out Amy Shark’s clip for “Amy Shark”:

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Cry Forever is Amy’s most honest and beautifully constructed body of music work to date. The album, which features Platinum-selling hit ‘Everybody Rise’, also includes some heavy-hitter collaborations from artists like Keith Urban, Ed Sheeran and Travis Barker.

Check out Amy Shark’s clip for ‘Love Songs Ain’t For Us’ ft. Keith Urban:

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Read Rolling Stone Australia‘s full long-form piece on Amy Shark.

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