If you missed it, this year’s Eurovision winner was Netta, the entrant from Israel. This win means that Israel is set to host the song contest next year. However, a group of artists from around the world have signed an open letter to The Guardian supporting a boycott of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

Watch: Netta – “TOY”

The letter, co-signed by dozens of artists including Brian Eno, Wolf Alice, and L-Fresh The Lion, pledges support to the Palestinian artists boycotting the Israeli Eurovision Song Contest next year. “Until Palestinians can enjoy freedom, justice and equal rights, there should be no business-as-usual with the state that is denying them their basic rights.”

This is not the first boycott of events in Israel. Several artists over the past few years have had to cancel shows after boycotts due to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, including Lorde. This open letter shows the growing support amongst artists to condemn Israel for their actions and treatment of Palestine.

The letter ends on the statement “Injustice divides, while the pursuit of dignity and human rights unites.”, after a push for the contest to be moved to a location with a “better human rights record”. To read the full letter and see the list of artists co-signing it, go here.

Watch: Wolf Alice – “Don’t Delete The Kisses”