In a new interview, BLACKPINK’s Rosé talked about how working on her solo debut without the other members was nerve-wracking.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé is just about the most confident, wondrous women you’ll probably ever (or never) meet. Being part of the ‘biggest girl-group on the planet,’ however, does not mean that she doesn’t have her own bouts of insecurity – especially, she says, when the other members are not around.

In her solo interview with Rolling Stone – during which the group announced they’re releasing new music this year – Rosé opened up about how working on her solo debut –R- was a nerve-wracking experience, primarily because she did not have the other members with her.

“It was very challenging — that put me more in a vulnerable position. The four of us are like one. We’re there for each other, and if one person can’t be in their best condition that day, then we are there to fill in for that other person. Standing alone was frightening.” she told the magazine.

“It made me realize how much BLACKPINK was a big support to me in the past. When I didn’t know what to do, I’d call to ask them what they felt, what their opinions were. So they were always there during my solo work.” she continued.

During the interview, Rosé also commented on her perfectionist streak, admitting that it sometimes put undue pressure on her and brought out her insecurities.

“Sometimes I look at somebody who’s very confident, and I admire that. I wish I was that way too. I am very insecure about it, but only because I care about it so much. I have so much respect for it,” she said before adding: “Confidence is something I’m working on every single day.” 

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She did, however, admit that she viewed this insecurity from a positive lens.

“To be nervous about something, to really care about something, is what makes life so interesting and fun.” she said.

Elsewhere, Rosé also opened up about fangirling over Dua Lipa, recalling attending a show by the star.

“Recently I went to a Dua Lipa concert. She was singing live. Wow, this is — I was like, her voice is — her voice, just, it was amazing. She was so good. I was blown away. I took a lot of notes. I was fangirling for sure.” she said.

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