For years, fans have speculated that Calvin Harris produced an entire album for Rita Ora that was never released – Harris says it’s not true.

Calvin Harris doesn’t know where the rumour about him having produced an album for his ex and singer Rita Ora that later got canned came from, but he would like people to stop. After years of speculation about the so-called unreleased album, Harris has finally put the rumours to rest – and it’s far less dramatic than one would expect. 

The topic of Ora’s second album under Roc Nation came up during her appearance on Louis Theroux’s latest interview series. While the singer was diplomatic about it on air, fans took the opportunity to bring up the supposed Harris-produced album on Twitter.

“Louis theroux interviewing rita ora and asking about her cancelled second roc nation album???? this is my own personal princess diana newsnight moment.” one fan tweeted. 

Said fan then went on to say: “A reminder that if rita’s calvin harris produced second album (i will never let you down was the first of MANY tracks) hadn’t been torpedoed she would have probably been one of the biggest pop stars in the world for like 2 years, i have never gotten over it.” 

Harris replied to this tweet, clearing up the confusion as well as delivering a pinching burn: “Entire thing is a myth, there is one unreleased song I worked on and it isn’t good.” 

Phew, so that’s the exes working together storyline put to rest once and for all, it appears. Harris and Ora dated for a year around 2014, and collaborated on the hit track ‘I Will Never Let You Down.’ 

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During the chat with Theroux, Ora briefly addressed her short-lived stint at Roc Nation and the lost second album. In 2015, Ora sued Roc Nation to be released from her contract, claiming the label was ‘neglecting’ her. Before the two parties settled, the company counter-sued her, alleging that she hadn’t produced enough albums. 

“I don’t know. I was recorded for two or three years straight. There was a whole moment that was about to happen, I recorded a music video and they scrapped it. I felt really disappointed like I’d let them down.” Ora said of the second album that was allegedly never released. 

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