Cardi B recently jumped on an interview with Stationhead to share some of her career aspirations.

As reported via NME, the rapper shared who her biggest influences are at the moment and more interestingly, the fact that she didn’t always cite prominent figures when asked who she looked up to.

Cardi said, “When I came to the game and people used to be like, ‘Who do you look up to?’ I always used to say, ‘I don’t look up to nobody’, because I didn’t really understand the game and I only feel like I got influenced by the people that was around me.”

Continuing on with her particularly rational response, she said, “But now that I’m at the level that I’m at, one of my biggest influences is Rihanna and Jay-Z.”

“And I’m not just saying it to kiss ass or anything. I just feel like they’re so influential because Rihanna comes from a country, a Caribbean country, that my parents came from and she’s a whole billionaire.”

As per NME, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie empire has reached an equity worth $1 billion dollars, which was reported by Forbes back in February. And as of May last year, NME also reported that Rihanna had become the world’s richest female musician. So yeah, aspiring to match the affluence of Rihanna is pretty logical.

Cardi continued in the interview, “For her to make her business so big and be a billionaire, that’s what I strive to be. “That’s what I want. I want to be a billion-dollar woman. I want to build a huge brand.”

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Speaking on looking up to Jay-Z, it’s their similarly shared roots that make him an idol for her. “He’s from the hood and this man’s a whole billionaire. And that’s just all about strategy and that’s just all about shaking hands, that’s just all about putting plans together.”

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