If you’re keen on a Public Enemy reunion you might be waiting a while if new tensions between Flavor Flav and Chuck D are to be believed. 

Flavor Flav told TMZ on Tuesday, September 14th, that it was all his bandmate’s fault, saying that Chuck D was attempting to block their reunion due to contract negotiations. Was someone like Chuck D really ever going to take that lying down?

As per Complex, the rapper has released a statement just one day later through his publicist giving his side to proceedings. “Come on y’all,” he said in the statement. “This is tired and stupid. Flav and I communicate on our own, so I normally don’t address these things in public, but I’m tired of the circus of airing news that ain’t news and am going to keep it factual here.

Flav sues the folks he works with, so in 2017 he decided it was my turn. He lost when the judge dismissed the suit with prejudice in 2020, which means it’s permanent. Over. He can’t file again. He lost. Even after all of this, even after all the years of Flav giving the situation minimum while always asking for the maximum, I still work with him. But it’s time to change.”

Ouch. That line “giving the situation minimum while always asking for the maximum” especially stings. Chuck D wasn’t done there, continuing by saying that it’s everyone’s responsibility to try and solve the situation, even though it’s currently one-sided.

“Everybody in the situation can’t be burdened with picking up his slack,” he continued. “The key word in ‘Brothers Gonna Work It Out’ is the word ‘work.’ We’re always gonna be brothers regardless, but Flav’s gotta do the work and there ain’t no getting down without the work. Simple as that.”

Although Chuck D sounds pretty serious in his statement, take it with a pinch of salt: this is the group who pretended that Flavor Flav had been fired from the lineup in 2020 because he supposedly refused to play at a Bernie Sanders rally, only for it to later be revealed as a publicity stunt. There’s never a dull moment with Public Enemy.

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