Tom Wolfe from The Wolfe Brothers is our special guest on episode #10 of the Tone Countrycast.

The four-time Golden Guitar winners in 2019 recently signed a new record deal with BMG Australia and Broken Bow Records.

In the episode, Wolfe talks about how The Wolfe Brothers were actually head-hunted for Australia’s Got Talent, back in 2012.

“They [the producers] got in touch… we did it at the time because we wanted to get more gigs in Tasmania,” said Wolfe.

He details how producers tried (but failed) to present them as something more than just a bunch of mates who played music together.

Listen to Tom Wolfe on episode #10 of the Tone Countycast

“As soon as they found out we lived on farm, they were like… are you guys dealing with drought?” he continued.


But being from Tasmania, they weren’t dealing with any of those things, so the producers eventually just ran with the simple narrative of the guys being a band of mates who loved playing music together.

Check out ‘No Brakes’ by The Wolfe Brothers

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“We did six performances I think and we did five originals.”

The band (who were a four member group at the time) went on to sign a record deal released their debut album It’s On.

They also began touring with Lee Kernaghan.

Two weeks ago The Wolfe Brothers released their latest single ‘No Brakes’ with their new record label, BMG Australia.

In the podcast, Wolfe also talks about the band’s adjustment to live streaming life, being inspired by Keith Urban in 2005, their North American plans and even Tiger King!

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Check out Tom Wolfe talks Tiger King on episode #10 of the Tone Countrycast

Tom Wolfe talks Tiger King

Tom from The Wolfe Brothers gives us his thoughts on TIGER KING in the next episode of the Tone Country (Country Music Australia) COUNTRYCAST. Here is a sneak peek…

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