Themed bars are a tricky one. If done right, they can be a place of pilgrimage for punters around the world. But without the right balance of schtick and, well, everything else, they can easily flop or fizzle.

The more hair-brained the theme, usually the quicker the burnout. That said, the idea of “a Russell Coight themed bar that sells servo meat pies and plays the Australian classics like Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel” actually sounds kind of cool.

That one comes courtesy of the Shit Bar Idea Generator, which depending on how you look at it, is either a source of hypertext-driven hilarity or the inspiration for Australia’s next great live music venue.

The Shit Bar Idea Generator was built by industrious coder Matthew Vernon, who was inspired by a tweet suggesting a “2016 Australian new bar template: combine a genre of music, a nostalgic TV show/film and several varieties of a single dish = profit.”

Check out some of our favourites below.