At last month’s Pitchfork Music Festival, Australian electropop heavyweights Cut Copy debuted their new single to the world by printing 120 12” vinyl copies of ‘Let Me Show You’ – their first recorded work since their 2011 Zonoscope album – and selling them exclusively at the CHIRP Record Fair over the weekend.

The limited edition press of the Modular label darlings’ new single made it an instant collector’s item, with each lucky fan that managed to buy a copy of the new dance jam getting their name engraved into the wax, while one YouTube user did Cut Copy fans a favour and uploaded footage of the new vinyl single playing online.

Featuring Dan Whitford’s new-wave croon, ‘Let Me Show You’ mines a more 90s-influenced dance groove that has a few shades of Primal Scream’s e-fuelled era (including some gospel-like vocal flourishes) along with a rave of Cut Copy’s bubbling synth grooves and yawning guitar interjections in a hypnotic stupor.

Now there’s an official stream of the new Cut Copy single – all six throbbing minutes of it – and along with it a new music video for the hypnotic track. But this isn’t your average pop promo. There’s no music video cliches here, let alone a band or performance, just a very intense visual effect that actually perfectly complements the song’s rave quality.

The clip is essentially a six minute optical illusion, a simple but extremely effective use of a strobing effect that’s likely to play havoc to your eyes (especially if viewed in low light or early in the morning) and comes plastered with an epilepsy warning. “This video could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Sticking to their enigmatic marketing magnum of late, Cut Copy shared their latest video with little more than a quote from William S. Burroughs, “we must storm the citadels of enlightenment, the means are at hand.” (Classy.)

‘Let Me Show You’ marks the band’s first new recorded material in two years and is likely taken from a forthcoming album. Earlier in the year the four-piece had been working on mixes for a fourth album in New York, with a slated October release.

The new single and video is actually the second taste fans have had of the as-yet-untitled album, after Cut Copy debuted a new song called ‘Explorers’ live earlier in the year as part of a string of American headline shows, as SPIN reports, but aside from international touring, an Australian gig from the Melbourne electro-wave group has been a long time coming (aside from a few DJ sets here and there).

For the epileptic among you (or those that simply can’t handle the intense strobing effect), there’s a more standardised stream of the new single for your listening pleasure.

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