Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has vowed that disgraced bassist David Ellefson will never return to the band.

ICYMI, Ellefson was fired from the band back in May after footage leaked of him engaging in online sexual activity with a 19-year old woman.

Ellefson is now currently in the process of preparing a defamation lawsuit against the person who initially uploaded the sexually explicit videos of him, which he claims constitutes revenge porn.

In a new Cameo clip (via Ultimate Guitar), Dave Mustaine addressed questions as to whether David Ellefson would be reinstated, as well as the rumours that former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted may replace him.

“To answer your question about Jason Newsted joining the band – I don’t think that is gonna happen,” he said.

“And, “Any chance of Ellefson coming back later on?’… The answer to that is no.”

“‘Any hints about the new album?’. Yeah, you can find out about what I’m doing through my socials, through Cameo here, through Gimme Metal, my radio show, and also at Megadeth-dot-com. And that’s it,” he concluded.

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In other news, Mustaine also recently confirmed on his Gimme Radio program The Dave Mustaine Show  that the band had “someone coming in a couple of weeks to replace the bass tracks that we had.”

“Which should be relatively quick because the person we’re talking to is a stellar bass player,” he said.

“And hopefully this will be an ongoing thing after the recording. Or we will find someone prior to the recording that will be our permanent guy going forward.”

The identity of the mystery replacement bass player has not yet been revealed.

For more on this topic, follow the Metal Observer.

Check out ‘Symphony of Destruction’ by Megadeth:

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