The inimitable David Hasselhoff has lent his velvety vocals to a new metal track, ‘Through The Night’, in collaboration with the band CueStack.

News that The Hoff was set to make his metal terrain debut first broke in October, following CuesStack releasing a behind-the-scenes video of the project.

The collaboration was born out of the duo’s desire to pen a song with their hero. The hero in question was none other than the Baywatch legend himself.

“The project started in 2018 and many demos were made, many meetings were held and what seemed like an impossible idea slowly turned into a reality,” CueStack explained in a statement. “David finally recorded the track with us, CueStack, in 2019 in Vienna and we also shot a cinematic music video together.

“We financed the entire project by ourselves until now, to avoid giving up any creative freedom when it comes to the song and music video. The final mission: finishing the edit of the cinematic video that will accompany the song! With a limited budget and schedule, we had to shoot the entire video with David in just one day.”

‘Through The Night’ is the titular track of CueStack’s latest EP. A collection of five songs that features an acoustic version of the Hoff Cut, a synthwave remix of the track courtesy of  Beartooth singer Caleb Shomo, single ‘Transhuman Generation’ and a remix of their song ‘Alive’.

I’m not willing to devote any energy into critically unpacking a David Hasselhoff metal collaboration with an Austrian duo. I’m merely encouraging you to let your treasured brain worms run rampant by witnessing this collaboration in all its glory. It’s nothing short of a visual and sonic assault to the senses. Hideous and beautiful. Check it out below.

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Check out ‘Through The Night’ by CueStacks featuring David Hasselhoff: