Didirri has a voice that scorches like the sun and settles as sweet as the moon. His work is as beautiful as the Earth itself, but in saying that, he’s just as aware of his talents as he is of the world falling apart to climate change.

Didirri is a Melbourne-based singer who has slowly risen to the nation’s attention with his guitar strums and vocal harmonies which melt our hearts away.

Heartbreaking and healing, we’ve been obsessed with every track that comes out from the artist, and eagerly await what he does next in his fruitful career.

We asked our influencers to share what they’re inspired by on Instagram, and Didirri decided to share something very close to his heart and to his music.

With the global climate strike occurring just this year, Didirri saw it topical to share three videos he found on climate change, which he found incredibly impactful.

Finding these videos embedded in the halls of #climatestrike, all three of the incredible posts shine a light on our inaction towards our planet, and the future of our race.

We asked Didirri why he decided to choose three posts regarding climate change. His response highlighted how the artists he follows all stand for incredible causes through their Instagram, which inspires him to do the same.

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“Instagram has helped the climate change movement in so many ways,” he said, “there are so many beautiful artists out there championing some really good causes. Social media seems to be a good way to get it out there. It’s also something that I am quite passionate about.”

All the posts chosen are really quite powerful, and it is through these posts that Didirri has been able to strengthen his stance on the climate change issue, and learn more and more about it as it progresses and escalates. You can check them all out below.

Greta Thunberg’s speech in the United Nations General Assembly

Greta Thunberg’s speech will most definitely go down in history as something incredible and revolutionary. 

The world should be listening to this intelligent 16-year-old, she is entirely the future.

Foals “No Music on a Dead Planet”

When Foals speak we listen, and this message was one of huge environmental importance.

If you love music, well, there won’t really be any on a dead planet will there?

Sir David Attenborough calls out the Australian government on climate inaction


David Attenborough swung by to our very own triple j to speak on our country and our government.

There’s something really harrowing about hearing the voice we know and love from television telling us that we’re destroying our precious land.

We’re proud of Didirri for choosing these environmentally conscious posts as his fave pieces of content on Instagram at the moment.

You can listen to Didirri’s brand new song, ‘Blue Mood Rising’, which glows and glistens like a rising sun. Check it out down below.

Stream Didirri’s ‘Blue Mood Rising’ below:

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