Doja Cat’s X account recently fell victim to a group of crypto hackers with a questionable sense of humour and an even more questionable understanding of how to promote a cryptocurrency.

Their grand scheme? Hijack Doja’s account, push their new digital currency $DOJA, and take a jab at fellow rapper Iggy Azalea while they’re at it.

The hackers’ message was a masterclass in subtlety: “F**k that stupid b***h [Iggy Azalea] and buy $DOJA”.

But Iggy, being the straight-shooting Aussie that she is, wasn’t about to let that slide. She promptly advised her fans, “Don’t buy this y’all. She’s hacked. Save your money, the market’s down as it is…”

Iggy clarified that she and Doja are cool in real life, and the hackers had seriously misstepped by attempting to create drama between them. “Get rugged if y’all want but I’m cool [with] that girl [in real life] so y’all fucked up [with] that tweet hackers,” she wrote.

But the hackers didn’t stop at their failed attempt to manufacture a feud.

They also took it upon themselves to label Doja’s music as “demonic” while giving a puzzling shoutout to American musician Weiland. We’re not entirely sure what their endgame was there, but it seems like they were just grasping at straws.

Doja Cat, ever the social media maven, promptly addressed the situation on her Instagram Stories, writing, “My Twitter’s been hacked, these messages are not from me.”

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has found themselves in the crosshairs of crypto scammers. Just last month, Metallica’s X account was hacked by scammers touting $METAL, enticing fans with promises of exclusive merch and an Xbox signed by the band.

Despite the digital chaos, Doja Cat continues to shine on her European and UK tour, kicking off with a highly praised performance at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow.

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