Evanescence singer Amy Lee has revealed why it has taken the group so many years to release a follow-up to their 2011 self-titled album.

Speaking on Meltdown for Detroit’s WRIF radio station, Lee admitted there were “lots of reasons” for the delay, adding: “I like to have an open mind about what I can be and what I can do in life.

“I love the music I’ve made with this band, and there are times that I have been more excited about it and passionate about it and in love with and wanting to pour into it than others. Sometimes you have to get away from it. It’s such a full saturation,” she explained.

“The way that our cycles have always gone, really — it started to change now; we found a way to really break it up — that is all you can do for that however many years period of your life with each cycle. Between writing the music and everything that goes along with that, to then going on tour and all the amazing stuff that goes along with that, and releasing the album, and promoting the album, and then at the end of it, I’m always, like, ‘I quit’ — almost every time.”

The frontwoman added that becoming a mother also brought her an entirely new view towards the creative process, which only fuelled her desire to work on new music.

“Besides all of that stuff, the space between the third album and this one, a lot of it was I wanted to go down some different creative roads. I had my first and only child, Jack. And I did some film-score stuff.”

She continued, “I kind of thought that becoming a mum would make me not wanna work — like I’d just wanna focus only on being a mum, but it actually just gave me so much — I don’t know — perspective. Like, you get a different perspective, and suddenly, as a creative person, you just think of different things that you wanna do, because your mind’s working in a different way. I made a kids album with my family, worked on a couple of different movie things and some little solo things. And I just found other ways to be creative.”

“By the time the band got back together, we got Jen [Majura, guitar], who’s a beautiful, amazing addition to our band… We got Jen in 2015, and we started just touring again and really enjoying playing again. That was the first step back — just play shows and get into it and remember who you are and everything that this is and can be, with our fan community and just the whole world of what it is.”

She added, “[After Synthesis] it was, like, ‘Okay, we’re ready.’ So we just started doing writing sessions. So it’s just been a long but natural road, just following what feels good.

“I can’t tell you how much fire we all have, but I — I can speak for myself — really had about making this music right now with my band,” Amy added. “It’s coming at a time when I need it very much, and a lot of the feelings that I pour into the music for the band are about a struggle — about going through something that’s difficult, and I’m processing it, or raging against. And this is a time where I feel those feelings, and I know a lot of people in the world do too. So I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Evanescence will be releasing their long-awaited new album The Bitter Truth later this year while their single ‘Use My Voice’ is out now.

Check out ‘Use My Voice’ by Evanescence: