One of the strangest feuds in music appears to have finally reached its peak, with some evil genius serving up a mash-up of tunes by Justin Bieber and Tool.

Last month, the world of music was treated to one of the strangest musical feuds, when it was revealed that Justin Bieber also labels himself as something of a Tool tragic, having shared lyrics to the band’s 2006 track ‘The Pot’ on Instagram.

“Don’t look it up please, I’m curious if any of you know it,” Bieber added to his fans, clearly wondering if his fans indulged in a few odd time signatures on occasion.

Before long, this news had broken around the world, with fans of both Bieber and Tool expressing either their surprise, joy, or disdain at these recent developments.

However, one person who wasn’t too keen on the news was Tool’s vocalist Maynard James Keenan, who took to Twitter to respond with a simple hashtag; “#bummer”.

Soon enough, Bieber’s wife also chimed in on the matter, sharing a response which labelled Maynard “childish”. Although the Tool frontman shared a clip of the band’s 1992 song ‘Hush’ as a means of shutting down the discussion, nothing else has been said… until now.

Appearing on YouTube recently (just in time for Tool’s appearance on streaming services), online mash-up sensation DJ Cummerbund attempted to put an end to this disagreement once and for all, mashing up two tracks from the very different artists.

Check out ‘Love Your Parabola’ by DJ Cummerbund:


Titled ‘Love Your Parabola’, the tune sees Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ mixed in with Tool’s ‘Parabola’, while Ludacris also makes an appearance with his 2001 track, ‘Area Codes’.

“It’s about time Justin Bieber and Tool squashed their beef and collaborated on a song,” the video’s description reads. “Thankfully Ludacris was there to mediate.”

Of course, responses to this tune were as varied as you might have expected. Although some noted the mash-up was rather masterfully done, others were quick to ask what sort of fresh hell has now been bestowed upon us.

“The perfect way to simultaneously improve a Justin Bieber song while ruining a Tool song,” wrote one fan, while another noted that “Of the horrifying songs you’ve created by mashing pop singers with Tool, this one is easily in the top two.”

“You know the pieces fit, but should they?” asked one fan, referencing Tool’s 2001 single ‘Schism’ in the process.

While neither Justin Bieber or Tool have responded to this incredibly strange combination of their tracks, it appears as though the strangest feud in music may have finally reached its end.

Check out ‘Parabola’ by Tool: