They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but, it seems as though the guys from Pearl Jam don’t agree with the famous sentiment. The band has sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to a tribute band called Pearl Jamm, and judging by the ~internet’s~ reaction, it looks as though opinions are divided.

In the aforementioned letter, the tribute band is accused of “damaging the Pearl Jam brand and causing confusion”.

“We appear to have set the internet on fire this week and it’s time to extinguish the flames. A name doesn’t define us. We do what we do out of love and respect for Pearl Jam,” the tribute band, Pearl Jamm, wrote in a statement in defense.

Stans of (the legit) Pearl Jam conceded that the tribute’s name is a blatant rip-off.

“[I expected] their band name to be something anodyne like “Jeremy” or “The Even Flows,” not fucking “Pearl JamM.”  It’s totally valid asking them to create a more unique name, and it’s fine to have music address social issues and still want to preserve your trademark.  Whiners,” one commented on the situation.

“What did they expect? They were using the name of an established band to make money. Tribute bands are great, just copy the music, not the band name,” cheekily added another.

Of course, like almost anything controversial, there are many fans that have an opposing view to the above and think that the name is fair game, considering the tribute band is essentially honouring Pearl Jam.

“That’s not cricket. Maybe I should go around demanding anyone called “Kam Singh” should change there [sic] name, as they may come to watch me perform but end up at a Bhangra gig, in someone’s front lounge,” tweeted Kam Singh music in defense of Pearl Jamm. (And, perhaps in quest of some self-promotion.)

“Hey @PearlJam, I am a lifelong fan. Took my sons, who weren’t so into music, to see @Pearljammband and they now listen to your albums non-stop. The fans love you and this tribute band are simply fans paying hommage. Cut them some slack,” said another disappointed fan on Twitter.

What do you think? Is the name Pearl Jamm fair game or do you think the move by the O.G. Pearl Jam was the right one?

Check out a clip from the tribute band, Pearl Jamm, below and decide for yourself.