Eager for a Tinder swipe right to zest up your dating life? Well maybe the reason nobody is swiping on you isn’t you at all, but the song you’ve selected to put at the front of your bio. Maybe you should try one of these Aussie songs to pique the interest of the dating world. 

Tinder. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but the success stories are absolutely out there. Some would say that they really hit it off on the app and formed a genuine connection with each other, but I wouldn’t say such a thing. It was definitely the music that did all the work. Person A had an incredible song that Person B just couldn’t resist. It’s not rocket science.

If you too want to dabble in the dark arts of irresistible music choices, have a gander at these five simply seductive songs that you can plaster right beneath your photo of you and your dog… or you at the beach… or you with that person you SWEAR is just your friend.

Without further ado here are 5 classic Aussie songs you need up on your dating profile like yesterday. (Success rate is not guaranteed.)

5. ‘Strawberry Kisses’ – Nikki Webster

Show the world that you are a person of refined taste with this Australian bop right from the archives. Just be sure to know the answer to any questions that may result from putting such a powerful song up.

4. ‘What About Me’ – Shannon Noll

Make the world ask the question… what about you? What is it that makes you special? Really pique the interest of the swipe righters out there.

3. ‘Pleasure & Pain’ – The Divinyls

Show everyone on the dating apps what you’re really into with just three simple words.

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2. ‘Jessie’s Girl’ – Rick Springfield

Surely someone named Jessie will be impressed.

1. ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ – Kylie Minogue

Let that special somebody know that you’re thinking about them… before you even meet them.

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