It’s no secret that we at Tone Deaf are big fans of indie-folk boys Pierce Brothers. Made up of Jack and Pat Pierce, the pair have relentlessly toured over the last five years, building up a devoted following around the world. 

Their expansive second album, Into The Great Unknown, came out in March and it’s bursting with lush melodies and honest songwriting. It’s their most refined release to date, both sonically and lyrically, and should see them reach a much bigger global audience.

We’ve already taken you into the personal lives of the pair with some interesting facts. Now, here are four of the best Pierce Brothers music videos, from energetic European gigs to intimate and emotional cinematic pieces.

And for more on the boys, follow the Pierce Brothers Observer.

‘It’s Alright’:

One of the tracks from Into The Great Unknown, the foot-stomping quality to the rhythm is matched by a frenetic video. While the brothers play the song in the woods, two soldiers anxiously face off elsewhere between the trees. Soon they meet at for an intense standoff, fighting and pointing their guns at each other. The video ends, though, with the soldiers embracing in an entirely unexpected and tender kiss. It’s alright indeed.

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‘Brother’ (Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam):

Live footage of their performance in the Dutch city all the way back in 2016, this one will make you yearn for the pre-COVID times when nights like these were a given. A boisterous and attentive crowd fill the concert hall, reacting to the tempo and control of the brothers. The camera then takes us up to the top of the arena, giving a wonderful birds eye view of the packed place below. Basically, live gigs are a treasure.

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Another track from the new album, this one’s intimate and really lets the power and emotion of the singing be on show. It’s heartfelt and sincere, revelling in the simplicity of just watching the band do what they do best, playing their guitars and pianos in a dim-lit room.

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‘Flying Home’ (Tram Sessions):

Not technically an official music video, their performance of ‘Flying Home’ on a Melbourne tram was too good to be left out. “Ever seen someone play the didgeridoo, whilst holding the harmonica to his brothers mouth while he plays the guitar, ON A TRAM?!” goes the caption under the video. “I don’t think we’ve seen this much energy on a session yet, and boy was it infectious!” The tram onlookers are appreciative of the surprise performance, videoing and clapping along. Why does this never happen to cheer me up when I get the tram home from the CBD to Brunswick?

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