FKA Twigs has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle against Shia LeBeouf, claiming that he has mentally and physically abused her and describes him as “a danger to women everywhere”. In the latest development from the case, FKA Twigs, who’s real name is Tahliah Barnett, has claimed that Shia LaBeouf knowingly infected her with an STD.

Court papers, which were obtained by The Sun, claim that LeBeouf, “knowingly transmitted a serious illness to Tahliah, without ever informing her beforehand that he suffered from this dreadful malady”.

It goes on to detail that Tahliah experienced “unusual and painful physical symptoms” around March 2019.

The court papers claim that Tahliah confronted LeBeouf about the disease and that he “admitted that he suffered from a sexually transmitted disease which had been diagnosed years earlier”.

The court papers continue: “LaBeouf admitted that he had never told Tahliah about his condition before, even though they had been sexually intimate for many months.

“Further, LaBeouf admitted that he had experienced a flare-up of his disease’s symptoms in December 2019, but worked to hide his outward symptoms from Tahliah by applying make-up.

“Despite experiencing a flare-up of his symptoms, LaBeouf continued to engage in sexual relations with Tahliah, further exposing her to his disease.”

Tahlia underwent blood work which confirmed that she had contracted the STD. The court papers also reveal that Tahliah believes that she isn’t the only person to contract the disease from LeBeouf.

“Tragically, Tahliah later learned that she was not the first person that LaBeouf had transmitted his disease to.

“Tahliah discovered that at least one other woman that LaBeouf had been in a relationship with had contracted the disease from him, and that he had engaged in similar attempts to hide his condition from that person while engaging in sexual relations.”

If the above allegations aren’t disturbing enough, the lawsuit also says that LeBeouf “claimed to drive around Los Angeles, shooting stray dogs dead,” in an attempt to get into the mindset of his character in the film The Tax Collector.