Two months on from his public display of anilingus, Flume has opened up about the response to this viral incident, calling it the “most press [he’s] ever gotten”.

Back in early September, the world of Australian music was absolutely shocked when footage of Flume apparently engaging in some intriguing activity emerged online.

Having taken place at the usually wholesome Burning Man festival in the USA, the incident arose after one fan held up a sign during his set which asked the ever-important question, “Does Flume even eat ass?”

Soon enough, we discovered that yes, yes he does, with the Aussie music icon soon proving it to us mid-set, sending just about every form of social media into overdrive in the process.

While he did refer to the incident on Instagram thanks to a cheeky little peach pic, Flume was yet to openly address the happening until now.

Speaking to Mixmag recently, Flume discussed a number of topics about his music, including his Hi This Is Flume mixtape, and his immersive live show. Of course, the interview couldn’t end without touching on the now infamous incident at Burning Man.

“It was kind of crazy,” Flume explained. “I didn’t expect it to go viral honestly. But, I woke up one morning to thousands of tweets and chaos. A

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“t first, I was kind of stressed out about it because I don’t know. I looked at a graph actually and it was the analytics of Google. The first record and it had a little spike on the graph. The second record, a little slightly higher. The mixtape, a little spike. Then, the eating ass at Burning Man and it was just like to the top of the graph.

“So, it’s the most Googled I’ve ever been, and it was about none of the music. But, I think it was funny. It’s definitely the most press I’ve ever gotten. It’s fine, I don’t mind. I think it’s hilarious.”

While the implication that we’re taking away from this is that if you need a quick publicity boost, feel free to go eating ass on stage at Burning Man. However, if you haven’t already got the level of fame needed to make it hilarious, you might just be asked to leave by security.

Check out ‘Rushing Back’ by Flume:

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