Since last year, Gaudion has been hitting up the world of indie-pop with killer tracks such as ‘TV Shows’, which may have made its way into your ears. Now, it’s time to get to know the singer-songwriter.

Only one month ago, NSW musician Gaudion released his cleverly named single ‘TV Shows’, which was based around a period of reflection and deep change for himself. The tune is a sweet, softly played track that makes you want to close your eyes and hold on to every word he sings.

“TV Shows’ is a small part of my life.  I began writing the tune when I was working on a small farm in a rural area in Canada’s Saskatchewan.  In this place I was turbulent.  I never knew what I wanted to do,” Gaudion says about his newest track.

“So I taught myself to play guitar and sing inside a grain silo every day after work.  I was also going through a difficult stage of adolescence; through this song I was aiming to express my current feelings with music.”

Noted as being a “different shade of blue from Central West, NSW” Gaudion is one of those singers who is able to transport you to a different place, and show you whatever emotion they’re emitting. With soft tunes such as ‘Feels Like Clarity’ and ‘Animal’ taking you on those journeys, we decided to take you on the journey of getting to know Gaudion.

Check out ‘TV Shows’ by Gaudion:

How did your artist name come about?

My name is Jack Gaudion. So basically, my last name is my artist name. However – there is a little more behind it!

When I was younger my parents had stacks upon stacks of CDs in and out of cases around our family home. On all of these CDs was written ‘JG,’ after my dad’s name Jon Gaudion. I guess back in those days the only real way to listen to music was through CDs and radio.

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I believe my parents would take these CDs to their friends house and had the name to identify who owned what CD. When I was thinking of a name I initially aspired to ‘JG’. I actually even made my first artist Facebook page with the name ‘JG’. I did this because I always remembered it looking so cool on those CDs and it was my dad’s nickname.

I later discovered JG was a very popular artist name, and using it was not really an option. I then thought what name would be on those CDs if I currently had them in my own home with my own family. My nickname has always been ‘Gaudion’ or ‘Gauds’ (pronounced Gordian or Gords). I decided on Gaudion. So I suppose if CDs ever become a big thing again and you see Gaudion on one, it’s mine!

How would you describe your music to your grandma?

Funny you ask that. My little sister uploaded a photo of a chicken pie she made for our family dinner the other night to Instagram. We didn’t hear anything from Grandma. The next day was the release day for ‘TV Shows’, and my little sister shared the song to her story. My Grandma replied to that story saying, ‘Emily, could you plz send me the recipe for that chicken pie? Thnx.’ Haha. Thanks Grandma !

If my grandparents however weren’t as active on social media as they are, I would tell them I’m a cross between Van Morrison and James Taylor.

Tell us about a few of your tracks; their titles and what they’re about?

Actually, I don’t often openly talk about the contents of my songs…I believe that mystery is the beauty of music and that’s for you people to imagine.

Career highlights so far?

I began my journey as a musician in February 2019, which is just over one year ago now. Before then I was actually really scared to share my music and was very particular with who I’d sing in front of. I was never really accepted as a musician when I first started trying in high school and was a bit put off by that.

It’s been a very short journey thus far. I do believe in myself now though and to where I am going/plan to be one day; and I believe it will be full of highlights if everything goes to plan. I guess what I’m trying to say is, my current career highlight isn’t playing before Ed Sheeran on a stadium tour.

A few months back one of my good friends pulled me up and said he wanted a chat. He had been through a lot at that point in time and had struggled with his health. He told me that when he was in hospital he would listen to my songs every day. He had my song ‘Feel Like Clarity’ playing on his phone at this point and started singing every lyric. He then told me that he thought my music was a big factor in what got them through the tough time. He said he was proud to call me his mate.

I’ve had some awesome crowds and memories busking, I’ve also done some really awesome smaller gigs on more professional stages; and exceeded my streaming goals by a long way for my first released songs, with no promotion besides my social media accounts.  However when my friend told me that my music brought him happiness in that low point, he reminded me why I do what I do… and why I want to do it. So yea I suppose that moment was my career highlight so far!

Fave non-music hobby?

Believe it or not my biggest non-music hobby would have to be hard work of pretty much any kind! Growing up on a farm I have always been expected to pull my own weight x10 and after doing it for so long it really becomes enjoyable. I have used this energy through my places of work, my family farm, and my hobbies (one being carpentry). I find it rewarding.

Check out Gaudion covering ‘July’ by Noah Cyrus:

What’s on your dream rider?

  1. Have Melbourne Bitter on tap: my favourite beer, and so easily accessible whenever I want it.
  2. Movie cinema, bar, and massive couch!
  3. A private plane with some of my best mates to a fishing trip off of Cape York, the tip of Australia. I love my friends and we’ve always wanted to do something like this – we’ll squeeze it in before the show!
  4. A pet Jaguar!: I’ve always loved these big cats and thought it’d be awesome to have one as a companion – not if it lived in a cage of course though! I imagine I’d find one stranded at birth and take it in as my own…
  5. A really awesome truck, the likes of an F350 or a Dodge Ram2500!
  6. An unlimited supply of Japanese food (sushi mostly). AND UNLIMITED PICKLED GINGER AS WELL! I looooooove sushi.

Dream music collaboration?

I have never really compared myself to other artists, or tried not too as much as possible. However when Conrad Sewell got the chance to collab with Avicii, I had never been so jealous of another Aussie artist!

Avicii was a melodic genius. His ear for detail was so inspiring to me and will always continue to have a huge impact on my music (in my opinion). Maybe in the next life Tim and I will write a no. 1 together!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Dang! 10 years is so far away! You guys should ask for a 2 year future hit with us millennials! Haha.

Hmm…10 years. Again, if everything goes to plan. I could see myself obviously as a musician, writing A LOT (as I do already) and hopefully being able to produce a lot of my own music as well.

However, one of my biggest life goals is to start a foundation, which is equipped to help young ladies and young men through mental health issues. But not just another foundation… I’d want it to be hands on and helpful to everyone.

I’d want everyone involved to properly be involved. I believe I’ve seen and experienced a lot of severe cases of the illness and I know how it feels to be in a place of nothingness. It’s something close to my heart and I hope that one day I have that capacity to help in a fully fledged manner.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Train – ‘Drops Of Jupiter’!!

First of all! What an absolute tunafish !!

Secondly, the meaning in the song is so beautiful and so realistic!! (especially in this modern world) Looking for yourself is something a lot of us do! Our hearts shine in the most obscure places and we love then question many of our decisions. When the chorus of that song plays in my ears, or even when I sing it (yes I do a cover… and yes I sing it in my karaoke voice at karaoke) shivers are sent down my spine. The world is a beautiful place.. And we all have a lot of exploring to do. Very beautiful tune!

What’s on the cards for the future?

My current future aspirations are to continue to build a team around me that are amazing and believing in my life morals and music. I really desperately want to start performing on some bigger stages, and I know that comes with time and experience, but I believe i’m good enough. For the future (post COVID-19) I’d like see this happen. Maybe work with some booking agents, some people that could help me a little. It’s hard sometimes as an indie artist!

Check out Gaudion covering ‘What A Time’ by Julia Michaels: