Justin Bieber wed Hailey Bieber back in 2018. And ever since then rumours have swirled every now and then that the ‘Peaches’ artist doesn’t treat his spouse as well as he claims to.

For the first time, Hailey has addressed these accusations in an online interview with Demi Lovato on an episode of their show, 4D with Demi Lovato.

Demi asked Hailey how she maintains her “resilience” in times when people are saying negative things about her and her relationship.

Hailey said, “There’s so many narratives that float around about me, about him, about us together, like, ‘Justin is not nice to her and mistreats her’ and I’m just like… it’s so far from the truth and it’s the complete and utter opposite.”

“I really am lucky to say I’m with someone who is extremely respectful of me, who makes me feel special every single day,” she added.

“So when I see the opposite of that, I’m just like, ‘Huh?’”

Demi didn’t directly reference recent footage of the pair in Las Vegas, however it raised concerns with many online that Justin had been yelling at his wife.

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Hailey also added that the people they are surrounded with bring a lot of positivity to their relationship.

She said, “And everybody around, who knows us personally would say the same thing. So I’m just like, at the end of the day when there’s rumours, that’s why I love that Lizzo song… you have to be able to fight all the lies and all the bullshit that people come up with, with what is actually the truth.”

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Watch the full Hailey Bieber interview here: