Decades before the Kardashian klan was racking up mentions in rap songs, former Bond girl Halle Berry already had more than a few shout-outs in her repertoire. In fact, she has been mentioned in almost 1000 rap songs.

From Biggie Smalls to Kanye West, from Jay Z to Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky, Berry has had her name in rapper’s mouths almost constantly.

Is it because Berry is easy to rhyme with? Or is it because she’s a smoking hot tamale that most rappers would trade all of their hard-earned bling to get with? Probably the latter, but the former can’t hurt either.

According to Berry herself, she’s here for the rap mentions and admitted she “loves it”.

The revelation came about when a fan recently asked the famous actress how she “feels about being mentioned in damn near every rap song”.

“I love it!” Berry replied from her official Twitter account.

Berry also spoke about being flattered by the song mentions in a 2019 interview.

“I think of these references like my children in a way. There’s no way I could pick one,” she shared on Hot Ones. “I love all these artists. I’m always flattered when any one of them include me and that they still remember me and know who I am. So to pick one would be like picking my daughter over my son. I love them all.”

To celebrate Berry being such a good sport about the numerous mentions, we’ve compiled a list of 48 times musicians rapped some praise her way.

‘Bath Salts’ by DMX (2021)

The Lyric: “Be my Halle Berry, all you need is a catsuit”

‘Control’ by Rap Mafia (2015)

The Lyric: “Your money funny like Jim Carrey/ I got bitches that’s super bad like Halle

‘Beach is Better (Interlude)’ by Jay Z (2013)

The Lyric: “Girl why you never ready? For as long as you took you better look like Halle Berry”

‘Versace’ by Migos (2013)

The Lyric: “I’m all on the low, take a famous girl out/ Where there’s no paparazzi/ I’m tryna give Halle Berry a baby and no one can stop me.”

‘Money Trees’ by Kendrick Lamar (2013)

The Lyric: “It go Halle Berry or hallelujah/Pick your poison tell me what you doing”

‘F-ckin Problems’ by A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar (2012)

The Lyric: “Halle Berry, hallelujah/Holla back I’ll do ya, beast”

‘R.I.P.’ by Young Jeezy ft. 2 Chainz (2012)

The Lyric: “She said she want me to call her Ms. Berry, she think she Halle”

‘Apologize’ by Kanye West (2011)

The Lyric: “Tryin’ to see can I afford Canaries/ With a Ferrari and a dinner date with Halle Berry/ Went from fifty g’s to fifteen hundred in a week.”

‘Round Of Applause’ by Waka Flocka ft. Drake (2011)

The Lyric: “That girl look like Halle Berry when I’m on no means/When I hit the scene girls yelling and they scream”

‘Don’t Look Down’ by Kanye West (2010)

The Lyric: “We pulled up at the valet, we’ll teach our daughter ballet/ We’ll raise us a Beyonce, maybe she’ll be a Halle.”

‘Higher’ by J. Cole (2010)

The Lyric: “My life is like a movie/Would you be my co star, like Halle Berry”

‘La La’ by Lil Wayne ft. Brisco, Busta Rhymes (2008)

The Lyric: “And zoom in with the cameras like I’m dickin’ down Halle Berry”

‘Campfire’ by Wu-Tang Clan (2007)

The Lyric: “And I don’t eat berries but eat a Berry like Halle though”

‘Trouble’ by Jay-Z (2006)

The Lyric: “But if my chick leave me she gon’ leave me for something/ She gon’ leave me cause Halle, she ain’t gon’ leave me for nothing.”

‘Wouldn’t Get Far’ by The Game (2006)

The Lyric: “I done had my share of bitches with long hair/ Short do like Kelis or Halle in Boomerang, yeah.”

‘Stole Something’ by Mobb Deep ft. Lloyd Banks (2006)

The Lyric: “Back on the East Coast I bury/Now I’m partyin’ with Halle Berry”

‘Underwater’ by Ghostface Killah (2006)

The Lyric: “I seen a ray of lights that resemble live fireworks/Some mermaids with Halle Berry haircuts”

‘I Need Dubs’ by Master P ft. Lil Romeo (2005)

The Lyric: “I could transform a car ’til a Halle Berry by demand”

‘Chi-City’ by Common (2005)

The Lyric: “I’m harder than the times, you hardly scary/ Holdin’ gats inside, you cats is Halle Berry”

‘8 Iz Enuff’ by Big L Ft. Terra, Herb McGruff, Buddah Bless, Twan, Killa Cam, Trooper J & Mike Boogie (2005)

The Lyric: “And f-ck Sally I’d rather marry Halle”

‘Like That’ by Webbie (2005)

The Lyric: “Ever seen that movie Monster Ball?/ Bend over like Halle Berry on that part when ole boy knocked her off”

‘What If’ by 50 Cent (2005)

The Lyric: “Man what if Halle Berry was my next baby moms/Sh-t I get that child support up with no problem”

‘Why’ by Jadakiss (2004)

The Lyric: “Why Halle have to let a white man pop her to get a Oscar? Why Denzel have to be crooked before he took it?”

‘Getting Married’ by Nas (2004)

The Lyric: “Headed to the chapel, my niggas laughin, and it’s baffling/ Cuz just a year ago, it’s weird though, I knew I’d get married/ To who I knew not,/ Thought of snatchin Halle up from the dreadlock”

‘Whack Rappers’ by Afroman (2004)

The Lyric: “Missy Elliot thinks she looks like Halle Berry/That scary”

‘The New Workout Plan’ by Kanye West (2004)

The Lyric: “What’s scary to me is Henny makes girls look like Halle Berry to me”

‘Hoes’ by Lil Wayne (2004)

The Lyric: “And I don’t like short-haired girls, no not really/ If I do, she gotta look like the old Halle Berry”

‘Let Me In’ by Young Buck (2004)

The Lyric: “The reason niggas like Eric Benét probably can’t stand me/ Cause I know money will make Halle Berry come out them panties, bitch!”

‘If It Ain’t One Thing’ by Foxy Brown (2003)

The Lyric: “And, I give you good love, I cook you dinner (uhh)/ And like Halle and Denzel, your wife is a winner”

‘Threat’ by Jay Z (2003)

The Lyric: “But catch me down the Westside, driving like Halle Berry”

‘Harder’ by Xzibit (2002)

The Lyric: “Show me a bitch and I’m a slay her like Sarah Michelle Gell-ie/ Rap star, trash tellies blow up my sprint celly/ Dare me, I tongue Halle Berry’s belly”

‘Work It’ by Missy Elliot (2002)

The Lyric: “Don’t I look like a Halle Berry poster?”

‘Perfect Bitch’ by Fredro Starr (2001)

The Lyric: “Lips like Aaliyah, haircut like Nia/With a twist of Halle”

‘Making It Blend’ by Q-Tip (2000)

The Lyric: “Yo, I like a woman wit a bangin’ body, the face and frame of Halle/ Attitude – angry, snotty, speaks slang and cocky”

‘Who Would You Fuck (Interlude)’ by Ghostface Killah (2000)

The Lyric: “Nia Long or Halle Berry?”

‘Chino XL’ by Chino XL (2000)

The Lyric: “Still floss on the daily, out of the ordinary/ Surviving drunk driving with Halle Berry”

‘All Because Of You’ by Silkk the Shocker (1999)

The Lyric: “If I wasn’t Silkk the Shocker would like really try to sweat me/ I always had girls but not like Halle and Vanessa”

‘It’s Mine’ by Mobb Deep ft. Nas (1999)

The Lyric: “Halle Berry blew a kiss at the Barbara Streisand concert”

‘Money Talks’ by Flipmode Squad (1998)

The Lyric: “Our squad legendary, I’ma bump it till you hear me/ Spliff doing love scenes on big screens with Halle Berry”

‘Love U So’ by Ma$e (1997)

The Lyric: “When you very large, never spend cheddar, you charge/ Get my daily menage, Halle Berry massage”

‘Plan B’ by Master P (1997)

The Lyric: “Causing major pain on this dope game/ You be Halle Berry, I’ll be the ghetto Damon Wayan’s”

‘(Stay Away From The) Nasty Hoes’ by Fat Joe (1996)

The Lyric: “Seductive red dress, lookin’ Halle Barry-ious/ What’s your name Miss? “Sixty-Nine” Nice alias”

‘Elevators (You & Me)’ by Outkast (1996)

The Lyric: “Smoking them white golds before them blunts got krunk/Chunky asses passes getting thrown like Hail Mary’s and they looking like Halle Berry”

‘Camay’ by Ghostface Killah (1996)

The Lyric: “Your hairdo way more class than Halle Berry/ Caught visions of me and you riding on the ferry”

‘The Natural’ by Mic Geronimo (1995)

The Lyric: “Cristal and Dom-P, getting sexed in the ‘telly/ From bitches, who’s in the running (how they look?) up with Halle Berry”

‘Respect Due’ by Naughty By Nature (1995)

The Lyric: “And ’bout as brown as Bobby wit’ a trolley/ To bury Halle, it’s chocolate, so pardon Dolly as a hobby”

‘Straight Loonie’ by Keith Murray (1994)

The Lyric: “I rise my eyes burnt like cherry/ Get wise to my style more fly than Halle Berry”

‘Macs & Dons’ by The Notorious B.I.G. (1992)

The Lyric: “What kind a girls do you like?/ Well, that’s various/ I like long hair or them Halle-Berry-cuts/ Real big butts, yeah, thick with lipstick/ Cause when it come to girls I’m optimistic”

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