A TikToker has pointed out an undeniable similarity between ‘Love Of My Life’ by Harry Styles and ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance.

In the clip, a TikTokker who uses the alias heather._.lupin, plays some of the final chords from ‘Love Of My Life’.

“I was standing at the piano figuring out all the chords to Harry’s House because this is the person I am, and I figured out the bass line for the last song of the album called ‘Love Of My Life’, and it’s remarkably similar,” she says to the camera.

@heather._.lupin I REALISED THIS AND COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING #harryshouse #harrystyles #loml #loveofmylife #welcometotheblackparade #mcr #mychemicalromance ♬ original sound – Heather Lupin

“I’m just going to play it for you. And then I’m going to play it up a couple of octaves and see if you can pick it out.”

Heather then plays some notes from Styles‘ song which sounds very similar to ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’.

She continues, “Now, if we just take that up a couple of octaves, we don’t even need to change the key, but we rewind like a decade, we get…”

She plays the same notes which sounds exactly like the opening notes to the hit My Chemical Romance song.

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“It’s the same thing!” she tells the camera. “This man used ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, didn’t change the key, it’s not subtle at all for the album closer of his third album.”

“I think the worst part is, I don’t if it’s on purpose! I don’t know. Like he could be sued for that, I’d call that too similar to not be, like, acknowledged. If this man gets sued for this song. I will be there for it,” she concludes.

TikTok users have taken to the comments section of the clip to suggest other songs on the album reminded them of previously released music, too.

“Also noticed that the beginning guitar parts of boyfriends sound a lot like I am a rock by Simon and Garfunkel haha,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “Are we not going to acknowledge that the drum solo in the sushi song is the same as the one in In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins”.

Harry’s House was released on May 20th, 2022 via Columbia Records.

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Listen to ‘Love Of My Life’ by Harry Styles:

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