We’ve made no secret of it. Tone Deaf is, and probably always will be, a vehicle for our ongoing obsession with Foo Fighters.

As our loyal followers would know, if Foo Fighters announce a tour… we write about it. If the band releases a deep cut…we write about it. If Dave Grohl smiles…we write about it. If Taylor Hawkins burps…you bet your bottom dollar we write about it.

Our die-hard fixation on all things Foos can be seen here, here, here, oh, and here – and this is all just from the last three months.

As Lizzo once famously put it (she didn’t), “Dave Grohl, he’s our fave Grohl. He’s wholesome, hilarious, talented as fuck”, and when Foo Fighters finally enter the Rock Hall of Fame in the coming years, his place in not one but two iconic bands will be cemented. If anyone can achieve this kind of greatness in one lifetime it’s ya boy Grohl.

However, his accolades have nothing to do with the below. No, the below is not about music or the journalistic code of ethics. The below is Tone Deaf coming out to say once and for all that while in some circles we may be serious purveyors of all things music, we are also fervent fans of Foo Fighters and have therefore been known to (on occasion) turn our website into a Foos-loving fan page.

We clearly have no shame. But if you, like us, just can’t get enough of our long-haired, bearded overlord, then you might understand. You may have your own desktop file of GIFs similar to the below, or you may have even recorded the impressive and verbose burp he did onstage one time and turned it into your ringtone. No? Just us?

So, without further adieu..

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Here are five times Dave Grohl breathed:

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