J-Hope of BTS has recently announced a collab song with J. Cole, which is a collaboration J-Hope has spoken about for years.

Former member of BTS, J-Hope, recently announced he will be collaborating on a song with one of his biggest idols, J. Cole. The song, titled, On The Street, will release March 3rd, Friday, at 2 pm KST.

Fans noted J-Hope’s 2000’s Avirex jacket as a nod to his J. Cole fandom and also noted the sheer elation that they were putting out when first meeting the Dreamville artist.

“J-Hope from BTS finally got his dream to come true and is releasing a collab song with his hero J.Cole.

And the first thing he does is go get the 2000s Avirex for the announcement  What a G”

“Imagine being BTS famous but you act like a little girl when you meet J Cole.  He referenced the best mixtape from 2010 too! Real fan”

J-Hope, who released his solo album Jack In The Box, earlier in 2022, is still testing the waters following BTS’ announcement that their members would be pursuing solo ventures.

“I wanted to convey my own narrative, my own story as an individual, I thought that featured guests are not necessary in this album production, and I believed that filling all these songs with my own voice only would make this album very authentic.” Jung said.

“When we talked about the temporary break, or focusing on solo projects, we really just were trying to be honest with how we feel and what we want to pursue going forward.” he said.

J-Hope also talked about the initial speculation that the group would be pursuing solo endeavors, which is now known to be true.

“I was a little surprised that people took it in a different way than what how we expected them to receive or understand that news. I think there was a little bit of loss in translation as we conveyed that message. And definitely we’re not on hiatus. The team is going to remain active.”

“We expect that after gaining all these experiences and having individual projects, we will have a greater synergistic effect as a team, and we believe that that is the sustainable and healthy way for us to grow as a team.” he said.

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