If you thought the feud between Justin Bieber and Tool was wild, that’s nothing compared to the bad blood between Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind right now.

Back in June, Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind hit the road together for their ‘Summer Gods’ tour of the US. Performing dozens of shows together, the tour was undoubtedly a rather arduous affair for both bands, but it seems as though Jimmy Eat World’s Zach Lind suffered the most.

Taking to Twitter immediately after the tour’s end, Lind took the opportunity to hit out at Third Eye Blind’s frontman Stephan Jenkins.

“Stephan Jenkins is such a fucking creepy douchebag,” Lind wrote, before adding “I feel so much better now.”

When asked for more information about his Tweet, the drummer shared an image of a poster that was posted backstage, urging bands and crew to memorise the faces of Third Eye Blind lest they be held up for not wearing backstage passes.

“The members of Third Eye Blind will not be wearing laminates,” the poster read. “Please learn their faces so they are granted entrance to all areas of the venue, but please also be diligent in making sure they are the only people allowed entrance backstage without laminates.”

“Just the way these photos are arranged tells you all you need to know about that operation,” Lind added, before sharing the trailer for Art Of Revenge (which starred Jenkins) in response to those criticising his Tweets.

Despite the attention his Tweets received, it appeared that Zach Lind also received a large amount of backlash from those on Twitter, standing by his message with some further posts.

“I genuinely feel bad for anyone stepping in to defend this dude when they have no idea what they’re defending,” Lind added. “My assessment of the man here is extravagantly generous.

“And for those saying I should have said my peace in person, A) you don’t know I didn’t and B) you’re coming to the defense of someone who literally redrafted his bands recording contract for his own benefit on the eve of the signing & didn’t tell his bandmates until years later!”

When asked for a comment by USA Today, Lind remained firm, offering no further comment but saying that “I totally stand by what I’ve said.”

While Stephan Jenkins hasn’t responded to Zach Lind’s messages, he did note on Twitter around the end of the tour that he was off to a “secret island for a couple weeks” in Bali, so there’s no saying what he might say once he emerges.

Check out ‘Bleed American’ by Jimmy Eat World:

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