Kanye West has surprised released the very first piece from his giant Yeezy Gap partnership.

West decided to drop the piece as part of his 44th birthday celebrations this year, sending many into shock as it was recently stated that the release date was potentially going to be pushed back until after June.

For now, just the one piece has been released and is only available to purchase in the US at the moment. It’s known as the ‘Round Jacket’ and is made from recycled nylon.

Coming in the classic Kanye blue hue, the piece is as every bit Yeezy as we could have expected. It’s oversized, it’s robust and obviously is designed to be worn with Yeezy foam runners. And yes, people have already drawn parallels to the fact that it looks like a plastic bag.

While the aesthetic might be everything expected, the price tag – not so much. Priced at $200 USD, it definitely does not sit within the affordable price bracket that we were prompted to anticipate.

As per The New York Times, the line prides itself on “accessible price points.” But apparently most people aren’t phased by this – obviously. According to CNBCthe Round Jacket sold out in just a few hours.

While the jacket is the only piece to be released so far, there’s set to be a lot more to come, with the Gap partnership spanning over the next ten years.

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The nylon jacket features the Yeezy Gap logo which draws inspiration from Gap’s heydays of the ’80s, seeing their iconic navy square logo which would usually read “GAP”, replaced with “YZY”. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that the logo has slightly been slanted for a new take.

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