In an interview about his debut solo EP Portals‘, Kirk Hammett talked Metallica’s legacy and why he chose to release an EP now.

At this point, no one can deny the impact Metallica have had on music. Kirk Hammett agrees.

In an interview with Loudwire, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett talked about Metallica’s enduring legacy – and also called it the reason why his debut EP took so long.

Hammett’s EP Portals is not just his solo debut, but also the first time a member of Metallica has released an album while actively being a part of the band. Previously, attempting solo ventures ultimately resulted in members leaving the band – primarily because the band did not want to ‘dilute’ their legacy, as Hammett puts it.

“You know, at this point, we’re freaking one of the biggest bands in the world. You need something the fucking size of a Mack truck to fucking try and screw up our career!” Hammett told Loudwire.

“Back then, with Jason [Newstead, who left the band after his involvement with Echobrain], the excuse was that we didn’t want it to dilute the effect of Metallica or whatever. Bro, at this point, nothing can dilute what we have. Nothing can.” he said.

“It would have to be so big, you know? I mean, nothing but our mortality. And so we all now realise that, and see each other as just four guys who are artists, musicians that want to express themselves. And why shouldn’t we, you know?” he continued.

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Hammett’s solo debut, thus, extends that vein of thought musically, although he stressed that he hadn’t planned for it to happen.

“The timing is right. And the weird thing is I didn’t plan this. I ended up with one track, two tracks until it felt like, ‘Wow, I think the universe is trying to tell me something.’ It actually felt like that.” He said.

“And it was weird because it was during COVID, and then suddenly I had four tracks, and I was thinking, ‘Well, I guess I have to make a choice.’ And the choice is that I want to share this with people because I think it’s good enough to share, and it would be a bit of a crime not to.” he added.

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