While America boasts a hefty 3.3 million COVID-19 cases, and counting, Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has confronted those who view mask wearing as a conspiracy theory.

As many places across the United States are now requiring their citizens to wear face masks to help stop the spread of coronavirus, a mass amount of people have kicked back at the regulation, citing it to be an infringement of their freedom, as well as proposing conspiracy theories, and Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has had enough of it.

Taking to Twitter, Kiss frontman Paul Stanley posted a photo of him and his daughter, Emily, at the beach where they are both donning facial masks.

“Sunset at the beach with Emily,” he wrote to Twitter. “WEAR YOUR MASK! Don’t listen to conspiracy theorists or graduates of The Internet University Of Medicine.”

Continuing on, Stanley noted that we need to follow what credible authorities are stating about what will protect us from the virus noting, “while the credible authorities and experts continue to learn more about Covid 19 they remain in agreement about safety protocols. End of story.”

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Stating what he believes, he ended the tweet with, “let’s all do what we can to help stop the spread of a disease that knows no age boundaries and WEAR A MASK.”

Additionally, Paul isn’t the only one who’s marched ahead in Kiss while shouting out about the importance of wearing masks. Gene Simmons has similarly noted that mask wearing is important, and the band has been flogging ‘Stay At Home’ shirts to raise money for out-of-work roadies.