Having a new single go viral – due to some very controversial moves over the past weeks – is a surefire way for an artist to rack up streams and, ultimately, rake in some extra cash. Lil Nas X has done just that with ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ and seems to be celebrating his success by sending money to fans who post selfies listening to his song.

Over the long weekend the rapper posted a tweet saying, “drop a screenshot of you listening to montero and your cashapp name.”

Of course, Twitter users jumped at the opportunity and as of now the post has gotten 32.3k replies with fans trying to get their bank accounts topped up.

While the amount fans have received hasn’t been disclosed, a quick scroll of the comments will see that the successful 21 year old has replied to many responses saying that he is “sending” the money or has “sent” it already.

‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ debuted at Number 1 on the Official UK Singles Chart on the same day Lil Nas X sent out the tweet, leaving many to think that he was celebrating his second UK No. 1 hit.

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Cashapp is an American app which is used to wire money between people’s accounts, much like the famous American program, Venmo. However, Lil Nas X wasn’t strict about what platform he was using to send the funds – he replied to one fan confirming that he would be sending the money to him via PayPal.

It’s not the first incentive Lil Nas X has offered to fans for supporting his music. Last week the rapper said that if his latest single debuts at No. 1, he’d gift each of his 6.1 million Twitter followers a pack of socks.

Interestingly, last week Lil Nas X revealed on TikTok that he had -$4.98 in his savings account when he first released ‘Old Town Road’.

The jury’s still out whether Lil Nas X is helping the less fortunate because he has been in their shoes, or if he’s just doing it for the streams.

Lil Nas X bank account

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