For better or for worse, this Lil Nas X era will be remembered forever.

While the release of his track, ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name) has pretty much been the definition of controversial, it is once again the reason for Lil Nas X finding in today’s headlines.

The ‘Montero’ singer is the latest artist to perform as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, performing a duo of his tracks, including ‘Sun Goes Down’, as reported by Billboard.

To perform ‘Montero’ Lil Nas X was joined by a group of dancers, performing in front of a hell-themed backdrop. In comparison to the song’s film clip – it was actually super tame, besides the neck licking and the general thrusting maybe… but besides that, it was pretty well choreographed.

That is until Lil Nas X decides to let loose on the pole. While he’s making it rain (literally there are dollar bills falling from the sky), he does to get low with the pole, where he ends up ripping the crotch of his pants as a result. Lil Nas X then gives a cheeky look to the camera, alluding to the fact that he seems to have ripped his pants.

He then continues to do the rest of the choreography with mic in one hand and his other hand holding his crotch intact. Not that he needs an excuse to hold his crotch on-stage, the pants ripping one is pretty slick.

He also performed ‘Sun Goes Down’, a pretty low key performance in which he’s donning an all-white suit with a blinged out mic. No thrusting, no licking, just a band and a backdrop.

Anyway, I’m not entirely convinced that the pants rip was totally accidental, ’cause I mean maybe it wasn’t. What do you think?

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Watch Lil Nas X perform below.

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