News that the Saved By The Bell reboot was coming to life broke earlier this year. And now we’ve received even better news: the Australian premiere date.

Locked in for Thursday, November 26th on Stan, we’re in for a very decent dose of nostalgia. Especially seeing as some of the show’s regulars including A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) have remained on the scene at Bayside High.

While the news of the Saved By The Bell reboot is definitely exciting, it comes as no surprise. This year’s theme (besides pandemic), is nostalgia. Case in point: the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion coming to a screen near you, very soon.

And the Saved By The Bell revival news just keeps on coming. This time, involving, ‘Broccoli’ rapper, Lil Yachty.

Dubbed, ‘Saved By The Bell Theme Song (Remix with Lil Yachty)’, the original theme song first performed by Michael Damian in 1989 is nowhere to be seen, or heard.

The remix might seem a little out of the blue, but if we’re talking in the context of the reboot being a refresher of the show, the theme song has naturally been updated too. While that may have made sense to the creators of the show, apparently a lot of fans and potential viewers of the show are slightly confused.

Right now the new theme song’s views on YouTube currently only sit around the 5,000 mark. The general consensus on the song is mostly confusion, mainly reflected in comments section – many of which are just downright savage.

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One commenter chimed in, “Wow I heard elevator music that sounded better than this.” Someone else commented, “Someone needs to apologise for this.”

Can they be blamed? Long-time Saved By The Bell fans were probably expecting the original theme song… not Lil Yachty.

Listen to the ‘Saved By The Bell (Remix with Lil Yachty)’ here.

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