Lorde has revealed the best gig she’s ever attended, her dream collab, the song she wishes she wrote and more in the latest instalment of Vogue’s 73 Questions.

The 13-minute long video saw the singer answer quickfire questions related to her new album Solar Power, as well as her previous records Pure Heroine and Melodrama.

On top of revealing the words she would use to describe each of her three albums (Pure Heroine = “Teen angst,” Melodrama = “Ecstasy” and Solar Power =“Reverence”), Lorde, who has music to colour synesthesia, also revealed the colours she associates with each record: green, violet and gold, respectively.

She then went on to dish more details around Solar Power, describing the process of making the album as “calm” and labelling the track she’s most excited to dance to as ‘California’.

She continued on to divulge that ‘Solar Power’ isn’t the only song on the album that features cicada noises, saying: “I started recording cicadas a couple years ago in New Zealand, they really sound like a New Zealand summer to me… but I didn’t know about Brood X at the time, so I’m ahead of the trend.”

After being asked about her decision to sell the album only as “music boxes” rather than CDs, she replied: “everything that I make physically, I want it to be something that I would have in my house, and I don’t have any CDs in my house.”

When asked about the best gig she’s ever attended, Lorde named Arcade Fire’s 2014 headline set at Coachella.

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“I was 17 and in the crowd, and I had never seen anything like it. It was incredible,” she said.

Later on, she name-checked Harry Styles as the artist she’d most like to collaborate with, and she explained that Taylor Swift was the first musician that left her starstruck.

Elsewhere in the interview, she named ‘Graceland’ by Paul Simon as the song she wishes she’d written and ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed as the first song to make her cry.

On top of that, she answered George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass when asked about the greatest album cover of all time.

When asked about her personal influences, Lorde answered David Bowie for style, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye for art and Natalie Imbruglia for music.

Lastly, she passed on the best advice her longtime collaborator and producer Jack Antonoff has given her: “Don’t let me ruin your life more than I already have.”

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Check out Lorde answering 73 Questions: