The multi-award winning producer M-Phazes has just released a killer new track ‘When We Were Young’, featuring Empire of the Sun/DREAMS frontman Luke Steele.

The pair teamed up to create this energetic and bright banger, which explodes with summer-infused beats that will pair perfectly with the upcoming warmer months.

If you’re curious to see how this song came about, check out the video below that delves behind the scenes into the creative process:[0]=68.ARCkAZklDpPegpi68fXscLtoAGa1IEdA5ZGvEIxdeeAE7HCZq76BVKJEcCT6lhf9aoLhAnDXa8ym4sQq_V8-D4VgJrge9JisyNfp3_gjc0tHRPkXR1RBOaoCQUEsrLPJlAjdoy_SzMGbYXHZM2dkZthgnydl_LIu1YOVcGn6l1L_r3u_yxmDKQLVKkEWQb4FBAw0zXpYhvuTk3LeDCDAg61_viLtJaC8jW6xDP_gXktyHVinUi072vF6Ut8FuMP_5PzOvivIFumHylgWGrmChnk45RkB74JaUH1nl-FJD96Wehow6sLlY-7bD09VMroTE8vG4Dzz85Xzv2uAGjZxVhS2iZ21XP_lVEZyVw&__tn__=-R

‘When We Were Young’ is M-Phazes third release for this year, following on from ‘Bad Behaviour’ ft Daniel Johns and ‘Heavy’ ft Josh Hardy. This year has been a busy one for the producer, having also already won the 2018 ARIA award for Producer of the Year. These three tracks are the first of many to come from his new upcoming project, which features a strong line-up of exciting collaborations and guests that are yet to be announced.

For Steele, ‘When We Were Young’ conjures feelings of “nostalgia, imagination and beauty”, while M-Phazes is transported to a “Malibu Sunset, a drop top and riding off into the distance”.

M-Phazes describes his studio session with Steele and his unique artistry in the behind the scenes video, saying “I went into the session and I had a chord progression that I had written with a friend in Melbourne Dustin Mclean. I just had it on loop and I think he just plugged the mic in started freestyling. I’ve never written with an artist or a writer that writes the way he does. He doesn’t think inside the box like everything he does musically lyrically everything is kind of outside the box. “

Lyrically, the song was inspired by Luke Steele’s daughter who would request bedtime stories from her father of when he was younger. “When she be going to sleep she will always say, can you tell me a story from when you were young, You know that sense of I guess nostalgia and remembrance of growing up as a child and that became the first line of the song.”

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Listen to ‘When We Were Young’ below:

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This is an exciting time for M-Phazes. He has a diverse and ever-growing list of credits which include Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Kimbra, Amy Shark, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kewli, and even Madonna, but this latest project will see him step into the spotlight as an artist in his own right.

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