Rapper-turned-Pop punk golden boy Machine Gun Kelly has revealed that he used to have a poster of his current girlfriend, Megan Fox, plastered up in his teenage bedroom.

It’s news that has me desperately clinging to the last shred of hope that my teenage kingdom devoted to Justin Bieber is a marriage manifestation yet to be realised. Machine Gun Kelly recently sat down with GQ for an extensive profile that saw him delve into his teenage crush on Megan Fox.

“It was from her GQ shoot,” he told reporter Wesley Lowery, who was also a classmate of his from high school. “So that’s some full-circle shit.”

Lowery added that Machine Gun Kelly “was the teenager who got the Decepticons logo from Transformers tattooed on his arm and hung a poster of Megan Fox in his bedroom.”

Machine Gun Kelly went on to call Fox his “first true love,” dismissing criticism their relationship has received. “It seems like right when someone gets happy all the—I call them the miserables—all of the miserables come out and they want you to join their club because they don’t like happy …” he said.

“I guess if I had a word to describe where I’m at right now, it would just be running. I don’t allow myself to really acknowledge anything right now. I’m just running.”

You can read the full profile here. 

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