At a recent court hearing, Mariah Carey alongside her lawyer, has defended herself against the lawsuit filed by her brother, Morgan Carey.

As reported by Page SixCarey has allegedly hit back saying that the memoir was designed to inspire people to overcome their adversity, particularly given her level of fame – essentially meaning her life is public intereest.

Morgan’s lawsuit reportedly alleges that the depiction of him in the memoir paints him out to be a violent man, with an excerpt from his suit reading, “The violence was entirely one-sided, with the plaintiff being the recipient of his [father’s] misplaced rage.”

In Carey’s defence, her lawyers argued, “The story of Ms. Carey’s rise from a dysfunctional and sometimes violent family environment has significant public value, particularly to any young person who may find her/himself stuck in similarly harsh and dispiriting circumstances and who can benefit from the inspiration to employ their talents in pursuit of their dreams.”

Further to Morgan’s claim, he states that , he claims that his involvement in the memoir is nothing but “mere gossip and of prurient interest.”

Things began to spiral out of control with Carey’s siblings earlier this year when she first released her memoir. Carey’s sister came at her with a lawsuit back in February, when she decided to come after her with a lawsuit, claiming that the singer used “her status as a public figure to attack her penniless sister, generating sensational headlines describing lurid claims to promote sales of her book.”

And then the next month in March, Carey’s brother followed suit, seeking damages for defamation, as well as for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Before the suit was revealed, he’s allegedly claimed that Mariah’s memoir had damaged his reputation, specifically referencing an alleged violent struggle he had with their father, as well as an alleged attack involving their mother.

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