Last month, blink-182 singer and bassist Mark Hoppus revealed that he is in the midst of a cancer battle, and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the last three months.

“I have cancer. It sucks and I’m scared, and at the same time I’m blessed with incredible doctors and family and friends to get me through this,” Mark Hoppus wrote in an Instagram post on June 24th.

“I still have months of treatment ahead of me but I’m trying to remain hopeful and positive. Can’t wait to be cancer free and see you all at a concert in the near future. Love to you all.”

Hoppus has since taken to social media to update fans on his health and thank them for their support. “Apologies if I’m oversharing but it’s so surreal to think that this week I’ll take a test that may very well determine if I live or die,” he wrote.

“Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts and encouragement. I read all your replies and it means the world to me. Thank you.

“I’m going to beat this through chemotherapy or through bone marrow transplants, but either way I’m determined to kick cancer’s ass directly in the nuts. Love to you all. Let’s. Heckin. Go.”

On June 30th, Hoppus hosted a Twitch stream where he answered fans questions to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. During the live stream, Hoppus delved into his treatment progress.

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“I went on a walk outside today, and it was the first time I’d left my house in five days, pretty much,” he said.

“This round of chemo, I wasn’t totally stuck on the couch, miserable. I’ve actually watched movies and walked around and cleaned the house and hung out with my dogs,” he continued. “I didn’t just feel like a poisoned electrified zombie leaning up against an electric fence like I did the rest, the past couple of rounds.”

Following Hoppus’ announcement that he was battling cancer, former band member Tom Delonge, who departed the band in 2015, shared a message of support to Hoppus on Twitter.

“To add to his own words that he used today, I would also like to say that he is strong, and a super-human who is pushing through this difficult obstacle with a wide-open heart,” DeLonge said.

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