Australian singer Mia Rodriguez has posted to Instagram after she discovered a tribute song for her by Melbourne artist Quokka.

The track, appropriately titled ‘Mia Rodriguez’, is seemingly an appreciation track dedicated to the ‘Billion Dollar Bitch’ hitmaker, with the Melbournian announcing the release of the song via Instagram on Monday.

Upon noticing the tribute, Rodriguez took to her Instagram Stories to gush over the track, which features a repetition of the lyrics: “I wanna kiss Mia Rodriguez”.

Posting a screenshot of Quokka’s single, Mia wrote: “What lmaooo dude,” adding, “Hold on guys someone made a song about me.

She added: “Bro I’m dying, what.”

Mia Rodriguez

Asked whether he had seen the Aussie star reacting to the track, the mysterious masked musician Quokka responded: “Yeah I’ve seen it! She was super happy and found it funny, which is perfect!”

As to what inspired the tune, Quokka said: “The song is more an expression of going crazy and driven insane of repetitive thoughts. Rather than having something to do with Mia directly – but it just fit so well.”

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If you’re keen to hear more from Quokka, he told Tone Deaf he’s set to release more music this September.

“In Melbourne, we’ve been stuck reoccurring lockdowns. My first album ever was called Lockdown which was written in one week during lockdown as kind of a challenge to myself, but lockdown continued so I just kept pushing it” Quokka said.

“Since then I’ve changed my sound a lot from quite depressing emo-rap sort of sound to a bit more bedroom pop sort of sound.

“This new album is a massive upgrade in recording and studio-quality as well as a unique sound,” he said, adding that his new single ‘Bad Feeling’ is set to drop on September 10 across all platforms.

You can keep up to date with Quokka’s next release via Instagram.

Interestingly, a similarly named Perth punk band called Last Quokkas has also released a banger of a track that’s a tribute of a different kind – check out ‘Gina/Rupert’ here.

Check out ‘Mia Rodriguez’ by Quokka: