In a new interview, Michael ­Hutchence’s sister has called out his ex Helena Christensen for keeping his family in the dark about his health. 

In a new interview, Michael Hutchence’s sister Tina criticised his former partner Helena Christensen for keeping his health diagnosis a secret from his friends and family, even when it was allegedly connected to his death. 

The INXS rocker died by the suicide in a hotel room at the age of 37. The rocker had suffered brain damage when he was involved in a road rage assault in Copenhagen, which – Christensen later claimed – led him to fly into uncontrollable rages. 

Tina claims that Christensen did not reveal this information to his friends and family until recently, nor the fact that it could have been connected to his tragic suicide. “I know Michael was so happy with Helena and there was a time when I could not imagine them not being together,” Tina said. “But I did feel angry when I first found out about the assault, as I felt it was her duty to say something to his family.” 

She added that at the very least, it could have saved the family years of dodging rumours about the cause of Hutchence’s death.

“There were all these awful stories about Michael after he died, so for Helena not to tell us about the head injury was wrong. She was very close to our parents and could have easily reached out.” she said. 

In a 2019 interview, Helena Christensen provided more details about the aftermath of Hutchence’s road rage assault, revealing that the injury had made him aggressive and permanently impaired his sense of taste and smell. A post-mortem conducted after his death had also revealed two substantial areas of damage. 

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Tina recalled: “Michael didn’t stay in hospital. He went to Helena’s place and made her promise not to tell a soul because he thought people would look at him differently. He wouldn’t even have tests at the hospital.

“She said he spent a few weeks at her place throwing up and talking nonsense and he was really ill.” she added. 

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