US singer Miguel has just given us one of the most unexpected covers of the year, dropping an impromptu rendition of The Chats’ ‘Smoko’.

Look, it’s no secret that musicians all around the world love The Chats. After all, their immensely Aussie attitude and approach to, well, everything has seen them won fans that range from the likes of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, to music veterans like Iggy Pop.

“They have an utterly Australian song called ‘Smoko’,” Queens of The Stone Age’s frontman explained to Zane Lowe last year.

“I saw it, and Dave Grohl turned it on to me, and then the next thing I know I’m playing it for Iggy [Pop],” he continued. “And I told them that and their jaws were just like completely open.”

However, as Music Feeds have pointed out, one name we didn’t expect to see on that list is American R&B singer Miguel.

Check out Miguel briefly covering The Chats’ ‘Smoko’:

Taking to Instagram a couple of days back, Miguel posted a video which sees him taking on the chorus of The Chats’ ‘Smoko’, delivering his rendition with a decidedly-English affectation.

While it’s no secret that the tune has been doing its rounds for a while now, most of Miguel’s fans on Instagram have been utterly perplexed by what it was they were witnessing.

“Why you sound like Russell Brand,” asked one fan, while another noted that “Americans always give us cockney accents.”

Needless to say, we’re eagerly awaiting one of the most unexpected collaborations of all time in the near future.

While discussing the success of The Chats last year, Josh Homme also remarked how the group reminded him of Queens Of The Stone Age’s early gigs.

“It reminds me of when everyone couldn’t stand us, and then one thing happens – you sell 20 records and you never know who those 20 records went to,” he explained. “It could have gone to the most strange buffet of humans in existence that you can imagine.”

“I think that’s what was always fascinating to me; is not how many people liked it, but how much did they like it? There’s something about music — it’s never wrong. Show me who you think the worst band in the world is and I’ll show you 300 people who are willing to die for it.”

“And in a certain way I’ve always felt like I’d rather have people that really understand the music half as many of those as it was double but they did get us.”

Check out The Chats’ ‘Smoko’:

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The Chats Pub Feed tour

Friday, May 31st
Crowbar, Sydney, NSW

Saturday, June 8th
Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Sunday, June 9th
Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide, SA

Friday, June 14th
The Brightside, Brisbane, QLD

Tickets available from The Chats’ website

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