We can deal with the fact that Marilyn Monro’s real name was Norma Jeane, and that Bono is actually called Paul Hewson – but Jason Derulo not actually being called Jason Derulo? That shit’s whack.

Turns out, according to the almighty and powerful Wikipedia, Derulo is short for ‘Desrouleaux’ – a name that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as easily but still sounds sexy as all hell. Evidence below.

Credit: Wikipedia

So there you have it – every time Mr. Derulo tacks his name into the lyrics of a song, he’s saving some valuable word space.

Despite being best known for his early 2010s work, J. Desrouleaux has been busy in the past few years, perhaps most notoriously for being offered a $700,000 porn deal as a result of his semi-aroused member appearing on his Instagram.

Said photo resulted in a wonderful edit that he uploaded in the aftermath. Behold the results below.

He also made a name for himself appearing in the trainwreck film that was Cats last year, a movie so bad that even dropping acid at the cinema wasn’t enough to ease the pain for some viewers.

It would be amiss of us to not mention here that Derulo’s schlong was also edited out of the film on the cutting room floor. Gotta keep those porn site royalties after all.

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