With Muse, RHCP, Foo Fighters and RATM already checked off her bucket list, Nandi Bushell can now add Pixies to the list of artists she’s impressed with her remarkable covers. The 10 year old rock prodigy has earned the seal of approval from the band for her cover of ‘Where Is My Mind?’.

Nandi Bushell has become somewhat of a household name for performing covers of famous rock songs on guitar, bass and drums which have been shared on social media by bands like Muse and Foo Fighters. She’s even received some impressive gifts from the likes of Tom Morello and Matt Bellamy.

For her latest installment of being-featured-on-famous-musician’s-Twitters, Bushell uploaded a cover of Pixie’s classic, ‘Where Is My Mind’, and Pixie’s posted it to their page with the caption, “Great work, @Nandi_Bushell!”

Bushell’s video post of her rendition of the tune read, “I was listening to Bellyache by @billieeilish and the chorus reminded me of the @Pixiesofficial song ‘Where is My Mind’. Both songs are #awesome. Hope you love my cover! I love reading your feedback.”

The clip sees a very smiley Bushell start off by bopping along to the song while absolutely nailing the guitar component of the cover. Half way through she switches over to drums before letting her adorable vocals take centre stage and belting out the iconic, “With your feet on the air and your head on the ground/Try this trick and spin it.”

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She then finishes off the tune by hitting pause on the music and hits some seriously impressive high notes which you can watch below.

The comments section is unsurprisingly littered with positive praise and one fan even suggested she collab with Billie Eilish, something we’re definitely not opposed to.

“My god this kid just keeps getting better. I could see her working with. @billieeilish I think they would have a similar process and work well together. Maybe meet somewhere in the middle with the sound,” posted Ausia LaSalle.

It’s only April and Nandi Bushell’s already had a helluva year. In just 2021, she’s covered Blur’s ‘Song 2’, Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’, My Chemical Romance’s ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, The Who’s ‘My Generation’, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Under the Bridge’, among others.

For more on this topic, follow the Rock Observer.

Watch the entire video of Nandi Bushell covering ‘Where Is My Mind’ by Pixies:

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