You know exactly what the day is, it’s New Music Friday, which means we’ve been blessed with more music than we can poke a stick at. Here are some of our absolute favourites that came out on this very day, Friday 22nd November. 

Happy New Music Friday everyone, it’s been such a powerful week for music, with a whole load of albums, EPs, mixtapes and singles coming our way.

Here are six tracks you may have missed off your radar that just came out today, featuring Kota Banks, Caylene and Confidence Man just to name a few.

California Girls – ‘Small Birds’

It’s happening again. California Girls is back with the raucous and rebellious ‘Small Birds’, demanding your attention and affection with gritty charm. Some songs just cannot be ignored and this is 100% on of them.

Kota Banks – ‘Big Bucks’

Kota Banks recently dropped the video for her killer track ‘Big Bucks’, and damn does she look EXPENSIVE. If you’ve ever wanted to smell like money then it’s worth your time to watch this vid and then stream ‘Big Bucks’. It’s worth your time, and entirely worth all of your money. (Not that this independent business mogul needs your finances.)

dave the band – ‘Ultrahard’

Newcastle represent. dave the band have just released ‘Ultrahard’ and it is quite the masterpiece. We’re so proud of the music coming out of Australia, and dave the band is undeniably at the forefront of the sound we love.

Caylene ‘No Strings Attached’

Australian R&B is a rather small pond, but Caylene is the queen of the sea with her new track ‘No Strings Attached’. Sounding years above her age, Caylene has come through with the bible for people who catch feels with their casual flings. You can check out our Get To Know with Caylene here.

Rina Sawayama ‘STFU’

With one of the most incredible music videos we’ve seen this decade, Rina is back with an incredible new track titled ‘STFU’. We can’t get enough of this track, and the beginning of this clip always makes us cringe. Just watch it and become initiated.

Tinashe ‘Cash Race’

An incredible track with a beat switch that turns it into another incredible track. ‘Cash Race’ is Tinashe at her best and we are hooked.

Confidence Man ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’

The talent. The genius. Confidence Man are back and they sound better than ever. CM if you’re reading this we just love you guys so much.