For those who have been wondering “what the hell is on Joey’s head” in that ‘Photograph’ music video, we finally have an answer from Nickelback themselves.

It’s a little hard to believe but we’re approaching the 15th anniversary of Nickelback’s 2005 album (if you want to call it that) All The Right Reasons, which happens to be the band’s best selling record with over 18 million copies sold. Yeah I know, it’s just bonkers on several levels, and not all of them are flattering.

So in celebration of that milestone, Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger went on WSOU 89.5 FM to talk about the album and he actually shed some light on that “what the hell was on Joey’s head” moment in the ‘Photograph’ music video where frontman Chad Kroeger holds up a photo of himself and another bloke who is presumably Joey.

“In the video, when you see my brother [frontman Chad Kroeger] holding up that picture, that picture is actually in his kitchen – it has been for many, many years,” Kroeger says.

“That’s a not prop for a video, that came from his kitchen, and it’s back in his kitchen now. He brought it for a video shoot and took it home, that’s a real thing.

As for what that exactly is on Joey’s head, well apparently it was a champagne bucket Mike got for Chad.

“The thing that was on Joey’s head was a champagne bucket that my wife and I got Chad for his housewarming, and it was somehow secured to his head by what appears to be a bra – I’m not sure about that, but I think it’s a bra,” recalls Kroeger.

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When asked about his thoughts on how ‘Photograph’ has become the butt of several jokes and viral memes, Kroeger is cool with how Nickelback are being talked about “in a meme conversation” as it means the band is “making some waves in the culture of the time.”

Having said that, he wasn’t too fond when Trump decided to use ‘Photograph’ in a tweet and decried the use of Nickelback songs in any political context.

“As I said before, and I don’t really want to get into politics, that’s kind of where I’m headed, it has been used for political purposes by both sides of the aisle, and we don’t want any part of that.”

Using an actual family photo for a music video, who would’ve thought? Genius moment from Chad Kroeger or just something he half-arsed? We’ll let you decide.

Check out ‘Photograph’ by Nickelback:

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